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Empowering Life Challenges with Innovative Retirement Solutions

Financial Analysis, Evaluation, and Planning

We prioritize creating efficient and effective financial analysis and evaluation for individuals, businesses, projects, budgets, and other finance-related transactions. Our detailed financial analysis guides future business decisions and reviews historical trends for past successes.

Efficient Evaluation

Proper Financial Knowledge

Strategic Decision-making

Comprehensive Financial Planning

One-page Financial Plan

Wealth Creation and Management

Our division offers comprehensive wealth management and investment solutions, tailored financial consultation, and advisory services. We help clients create and manage wealth, turning dreams and goals into reality.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Personalized Financial Consultation

Client-centric Approach

Global Strategies

Top-tier Investment Options

Investment Analysis, Evaluation, and Options

We focus on evidence-based portfolios and socially conscious strategies. Our division offers a broad range of financial tools, data, and information to support successful investments.

Evidence-based Portfolios

Client-driven Business Models

Global Securities Evaluation

Capital Fund Raising

Integrated Investment Model

Loan and Asset Evaluation

We simplify, analyze, plan, and manage clients' loan processes to ensure financial advantages. Our division also evaluates assets to provide insights and suggestions for trading.

Loan Evaluation and Planning

Customized Loan Solutions

Asset Trading Direction

Active and Passive Asset Management

ESG Criteria Application

Insurance and Retirement Evaluation

We provide a wide range of insurance services for financial protection and peace of mind. Our retirement evaluation services help clients plan for a secure future.

Wide Range of Insurance Plans

Financial Protection

Peace of Mind

Customized Retirement Solutions

Maximize Retirement Savings

Why Choose Our Unique Approach?

Bettering Life Challenges

This is Life, We're Here to Make Reality Easier

Disability. Sickness. The loss of a loved one. Turn to us for methods and benefits to help see you through trying times.

In these moments that matter, Kedge is there for you, delivering superior customer experiences by easing administration, boosting productivity, driving holistic wellness, and so much more.

We Help You, Your Company, and Employees Get the Best Insurance

  • Accident Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance
  • Life & AD&D Insurance
  • Absence Services
  • Funding Solution

With innovative and customized life insurance products, we can help individuals and corporations achieve life and profit benefits by funding their goals.

Taking a Lead in Solving Financial Challenges

Access your plan, review and manage your plans, download reports, and more. If you have any questions, reach out to us.

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  • Licensing, Appointment, & Registrations
  • Email GI Producer Services
  • Operations Service Center

For benefits administrators/HR representatives with 500 or more employees, please call 1-888-598-5671.

If you are already doing business with us, contact our Kedge representative.

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